BOOK BY: Liz Tolsma

Another well-written edition to the True Colors series.

The Green Dress focuses on a Boston family in 1886. A mysterious illness takes the lives of various family members and doctors are baffled as to what the illness even is. Harriett Peters is the best friend of Lizzie Robinson, who falls suddenly ill with an ailment that has already taken the lives of her aunt, uncle, father and younger sister. Harriett fears for her friend’s life and goes in search of a new doctor who may be able to shed some light on the plight of the Robinson family.

Dr. Michael Wheaton has a past he is trying to escape. When he comes to Harriett’s aid, if what he suspects isn’t true, the past will catch up to him and leave him with a tarnished reputation and inability to practice medicine on the east coast.

The author draws the reader in right from the first page. Vivid descriptions enable the reader to imagine the gut-wrenching pain the patient is going through and through the narrative, readers begin to question along with Dr. Wheaton if things are all they seem. Readers can look for the clues as they read the story to solve the mystery.

Relatively new science techniques are indirectly introduced.

I enjoyed the sweet story between Michael and Harriett. Harriett’s character is sweet and devoted, and Michael is kind but careful. Both have come from traumatic experiences and take small steps toward complete trust in the other. They are likeable characters and readers will be rewarded with a satisfying conclusion to their story.

Oh, and the title, The Green Dress? I shuddered when it was revealed the reason for it.

I received an ecopy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions expressed are my own.