BOOK BY: Joanna Davidson Politano

This is a beautiful story of the power of our words – how they can either break relationships or build them up, and when they’ve broken one how they can begin building again.

There were so many wonderful things about this story that I feel I can’t do the novel justice by listing things in short order. You just have to read the novel yourself to appreciate the deeper meanings Joanna Davidson Politano weaves through the pages.

It’s a story about love, but not just romantic love. It’s about the love of our heavenly Father and how real it becomes when we surrender ourselves completely to His will. It’s a story of friendship – how there are friends that bring out the best in us and are the relationships worth pursuing. It’s a story of broken families – and how kindness can bring about healing. It’s a story of expectation – how we set ourselves up for disappointment in others when we expect the impossible from others. It’s a story of redemption – how it’s never too late to make amends for past offenses. It’s a story about finding the right marriage partner – how once you’ve found each other, to never let go.

Yes. That’s really what I took away from the novel.

The narrative is easy to follow and switches between third person and first person points of view. It isn’t jarring as some novels I’ve read are, so it was a nice surprise to read something that was an easy transition between the two. The reader is pulled into the setting with vivid descriptions and one could easily picture Crestwicke and the ruins where our heroine spends quiet moments contemplating life.

Willa Duvall is one of those heroines you just want to see have a happy ending, but what the author does with her story is quite unexpected. But at the end, the reader can’t help but to agree with how Willa’s story plays out.

Gabe Gresham is a silent, but strong hero. There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about him and I was happy for the conclusion of his story.

The characters are memorable and each have their own issue to work through. I like the story line of Golda. She’s such a strong secondary character who had been broken early in life and there’s a beautiful story arc that comes full circle at the end of the novel. I quite enjoyed the parallels between her story and the heroine, Willa Duvall.

This is an historical romance with quite a thread of intrigue. Willa discovers a love note hidden in her writing desk which sends her on a mission to return the note to the rightful owner, but when the note is misplaced in her new place of employ, the note creates a chain reaction of events that will upend the residents of Crestwicke Manor forever.

I received an ecopy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions expressed are my own.