BOOK BY: Laurie Wood

As always, Laurie Wood delivers a compelling story.

The story takes us back to Churchill, MB an isolated but perfect setting for a page-turning police procedural to take place. With vivid descriptions and hair raising scenes, readers will be treated to an experience one soon won’t forget.

Injured RCMP officer Ben Roper returns to Churchill, MB a mere nine months after his run-in with a mama polar bear. No amount of plastic surgery, physio therapy or counselling sessions could prepare Ben for life back north. The scars of his past are more than skin-deep.

Nurse Joy Gallagher is happy to see Ben back at work, but her medical eye is quick to see his pain is causing a formed dependency on pain-killers and that he’s not as well as he claims to be.

When the town experiences a murder of a young woman, the scene is eerily familiar to Joy and her family. And one that Ben will stop at nothing to solve.

I quite enjoyed this read, especially the faith journey the characters go through as they face some pretty harsh situations.

The author does a tremendous job in showing sensitivity and weaving a message of hope in a terrible situation.

Sensitive topics covered: PTSD, drug addiction, abuse.