By: Roseanna M. White
Steal an hour from Big Ben.
That was the challenge presented to Berkley Pearce, a reformed thief, and provider of a troupe of orphans who call each other family. Determined to stay on the straight and narrow, Berkley takes up the war efforts of 1915 England, and works for a branch of the government obtaining the unobtainable during desperate times. When he is assigned to help a local clockmaker finish his design that would put England ahead of the enemy in air combat, Berkley doesn’t plan on rescuing his fiercely independent daughter, nor the trouble that seems to follow her.
This is the third book in the Shadows Over England series. I didn’t realize that there were two books prior to this one before I started reading it. It does well enough on its own, there’s lots of little fill-ins as to the significance of other characters who have their own stories told in the previous two books.
As always, this novel took several chapters to hook my interest. I’m not sure why, but every book I’ve read of Ms. White’s takes me a while to get into the story. Once I hit close to the halfway mark, that’s when I usually get sucked into the story. Perhaps it’s the background being set or backstory that detracts from my focus, I’m unable to pinpoint a reason. I’ve read the complete Ladies of the Manor series, and now the final installment of Shadows Over England.
Characters are likeable and believable; mystery and intrigue are full of twists and turns. Descriptions of the times, and settings are vivid bringing the reader back to an uncertain and unnerving time in London’s history. There are elements of faith that contribute to the fabric of each character.
Overall, once I reached my personal hurdle, I quite enjoyed the story.

Hour Unspent

photo source: christian book

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