Book Review

Book by Shannon McNear

photo source: GoodReads

This is a dark story from the reign of terror, and follows America’s first serial killer brothers in Kentucky. The novel starts in 1797, the year the brothers began their notorious killing spree, at the wedding of Wiley Harpe and his bride. The novel weaves history and fiction seamlessly and doesn’t shy away from the gruesome truth of the wickedness of these two murderers.

I can’t imagine how difficult this story was to write. Just reading through the author’s notes, it’s shocking how much of the story was actual fact. It piqued my curiosity enough that I checked other sources that affirmed the author’s notes. YIKES!

There is a faith element that continues to show through the details and plot. The young bride at the beginning of the story is a Baptist minister’s daughter who ends up clinging to her faith through the traumatic experience she has as one of the Harpe’s wives. Her friend, Rachel Taylor is a woman of faith, though not without her own challenges in understanding what is going on with her friend.

I’m just not sure what to think. It’s a tough book to read, but Ms. McNear did a great job with handling a dark subject matter.

The descriptions are fabulous and the author is able to pull the reader into the time period.
If you like true crime stories, this is one to check out.

If you do not like dark, upsetting, or stories about murder, you might want to try reading another book.

I received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions expressed are my own