BOOK BY: Michelle Griep

What a fantastic story!

I enjoyed almost everything about this story and was pulled right into the moors of Dartmoor and the exciting city of Bath. The descriptions of landscape and city life are beautifully illustrated making it easy for the reader to immerse themselves into the setting.

The connections between characters are creative, and the revelations of those connections are timed perfectly. The hero and heroine recognize each other, but only in vague terms until after a few days together circumstances force them to confront their true identities.

The antagonists are truly despicable characters. One gets a redemptive story which played out rather strangely, but it seemed to work (once the reader understood how he had become what he was).

Secondary characters play an essential role throughout the entire novel. They each are likable and show how time, circumstances, and God’s mercy can change people.

This is definitely a romance, but I found it was more focused on the plot and when it did shift to romantic scenes, they were drawn out (in a good way) long enough for the reader to gain a sense of where things were headed. The romance would leave off for a time while characters tried to solve their problems and escape the antagonists.

The House at the End of the Moor is a story of learning to trust, forgiveness, walking in mercy and meting out justice. It draws the comparison of justice versus vengeance, and justice by man versus justice by God.

I received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions expressed are my own.