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Top Reads of 2020

Despite the global pandemic, not all of 2020 was bad.

When looking back through my book list of books read, I’m surprised at how many are on my list. My goal of reading 24 books through the year was shattered. It’s a new record for me and probably one I likely won’t repeat as the world opens up again.

2020 was a special year for me. My debut novel, Snowbound in Winterberry Falls released on November 6. If you haven’t read it, you should try it (of course, I’m not biased… wink).

But all joking aside, here are the books, in no particular order that I enjoyed and would put in my TBRA pile – To Be Read Again.





Worth Mentioning

These books were interesting reads, but didn’t quite make it in my I’ll definitely read these again category (but there’s also a good possibility I will). They were totally worth the investment of time I made reading them.

I have a bunch more books on my bookshelf to read that released in 2020, but I didn’t have time to get to them. I hope to read them as time permits and will post reviews either on my blog or at least a starred review on GoodReads.

How about you? Are any of these books on your list?

Don’t Keep Silent (Uncommon Justice #3)


BOOK BY: Elizabeth Goddard

Rarely have I enjoyed a third instalment of a series more than the first book!

I’ve read all three books of the Uncommon Justice series by Elizabeth Goddard and this book by far is my favourite.

From page one to the end, readers are treated to an adrenaline rush of an experience. Rae Burke’s sister in law is missing and her investigative journalism skills are just the ones needed to find her. Liam McKade, the youngest of the McKade brothers, feels lost after an undercover op sidelined him and left him recovering from his injuries, not to mention a broken heart. When Rae’s investigation brings him to his doorstep, he has no choice but to help the woman who blew his career to smithereens.

This book has everything that makes a great suspense – conflict, conflict, conflict and a bit of more conflict that keeps piling on our heroes until it’s impossible for them to come out unscathed. There are connections galore and secrets that once revealed leave the reader surprised. And honestly, one reveal nearly floored me – I totally didn’t see it coming.

There is an evident faith thread woven throughout the novel, not just quick prayers offered up to get out of a predicament. There is genuine faith for both Rae and Liam which was kind of refreshing. It’s not preachy, but it’s there nonetheless.

We see our couples from book one and two enjoying wedded bliss which was kind of nice, but they definitely didn’t play a significant role in this book – more of a cameo appearance to let us readers know that everything worked out for the others.

A note to readers who are sensitive to certain topics – this involves human trafficking and drug dealing.

If you want a read you won’t be able to put down, this one is likely for you!

I received an ecopy from the publisher through Net Galley. All opinions expressed are my own.

Standoff (Natchez Chase Rangers #1)


BOOK BY: Patricia Bradley

A fast-paced, sit on the edge of your seat kind of read that will leave readers guessing “who done it” until the end.

This first installment of The Natchez Trace Park Rangers starts off with a bang, and leaves our heroine whirling through an emotional minefield. Freshly graduated Law Enforcement Ranger Brooke Danvers is driven to find her father’s killer and what she stumbles into is something sinister, something that goes all the way to the top of the government.

No one can be trusted and every character is a suspect.

Even undercover National Park Ranger, Luke Fereday – neighbour and friend.

The first couple of chapters are peppered with characters and snippets of backstory while the action speeds by. It took me a few pages to figure out who was who and their connections to each other. I don’t think more backstory would have helped, perhaps a bit slower with the action, but then again, I’m not complaining.

There is plenty of everything in this novel – action, secrets, shocking reveals and no want of reader surprises. The author did a fabulous job of developing motives (and characters) that I had a hard time guessing who the killer was.

The only downside to the story, was that the spiritual thread is very, very subtle. It’s not until the second half of the book we’re introduced to our heroine’s faith side. Her older neighbour Daisy, provides the majority of the spiritual thread for this Christian Fiction novel.

I quite enjoyed the story and look forward to the second book in the series.

I received an ecopy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions expressed are my own.

Chasing the White Lion (Talia Inger #2)


Book by: James R. Hannibal

photo source: Amazon

This book opens with an adrenaline pumping scene that reads like a clip right from Mission Impossible. The action sucked me in and the descriptions were so vivid I could picture everything in my mind as the good guys versus the bad guys battled for victory.

This is the second book in a series I haven’t read before and after reading the first part of this second book, I was completely lost in backstory and confused by the innuendos of dialogue between main characters. I really felt I was missing something and would have a better appreciation for the connection between characters and the brilliance of plot development, if I had read the first book in the series.

The story is interesting and the character well-developed, I’m inclined to read the first book so I can better appreciate this second novel in the series. I’m used to series where I can jump in without having to read the previous books, but this is definitely not one of those.

I really wanted to love the novel, but I just couldn’t keep going. I’m pretty sure I’ll feel differently when I read the first book.

I received an ecopy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions expressed are my own.

Collision of Lies

Book Review

Book By: Tom Threadgill

Why have I never heard of this author before?!

What a thrilling read Collision of Lies turned out to be. From the first page to the very last, this author will have you wanting more and guessing what’s coming next. I loved everything about this novel and can’t wait to read more by Tom Threadgill.

photo source: amazon
photo source: amazon

The story tugged at my Mom heartstrings. A mother knows if her child is in danger or – alive, even if all evidence points to the contrary. A busload of children on their way to school. A tragic train accident and all 18 children and their driver killed on impact. It was an open and shut case.

Or was it?

This is the question that follows the reader through the entire story.

Did those kids really die?

Hmm. One would think they did. In fact, the FBI, local police and every other law agency pulled into the investigation believed it to be true. So why, three years later does one mother believe her child never died in that accident and convinces a young deputy to reopen the case?

Go buy the book. You can find out yourself. But be sure to clear your schedule. You won’t want to put this one down once you start.

I received a copy of the book from the publisher through Net Galley. All opinions expressed are my own.

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